The Original Thin Dense Chrome
Since 1945


For over 77 years Armoloy of Rhode Island has provided the highest quality coating technologies to industrial markets. Our coating technology has been developed and refined over the years giving the Armoloy Electrolizing® coatings a distinct advantage in the marketplace. As a result few comparisons can be made with conventional plating products.

Our thin dense chrome coatings are made from the highest quality materials available and are regularly monitored to ensure compliance with our proprietary standards. This emphasis on quality control combined with our experienced staff, result in the highest quality chrome coatings available to industry.


Armoloy of Rhode Island is an industry leader in thin chrome products with reliable and dependable coating products. Our 77 year culture of excellence has allowed us to perfect our coating process including for delivery, quality, and service.

We are certified to ISO quality standards. All processing steps, quality measures, and maintenance procedures are documented and available for review for each application.

The Armoloy Electrolizing® Coatings meet the requirements for the following specifications:

  • AMS 2438
  • AMS 2460
  • USDA Approved
  • FDA Compliant
  • ASTM F519
  • ASTM 8117
  • ASTM 8571
  • BAC 5709
  • USP 10993-10
  • USP 10993-6
  • USP 10993-11


One of the areas we are most proud of is our work to expand our coatings to the medical field. The ME-92 biochrome coating was developed specifically to provide a high quality chromium coating that could be used in the medical device industry.

During the global COVID-19 pandemic, when many businesses ceased operations, Armoloy of Rhose Island expanded operations, added a second shift and worked into the weekend to support a variety of businesses and industries that were essential to support global efforts to counter the pandemic. We are very proud of our employees who embraced the ‘essential worker’ role and helped process components for sterilization equipment, centrifuges, sanitizing wipes and more.


The Electrolizing®, Micro-E®, and AL-COAT® coatings are most often applied to OEM design engineering or to job shops for repair and maintenance, including plastic injection molding components. We are capable of stripping and re-applying coatings to save downtime.

Electrolizing® provides performance enhancement for metals to prevent failures. Our main goals are to:

  • Solve metal failure problems through metal failure prevention or mitigation
  • Improve repair and maintenance problems

Our engineers work with customers to achieve these goals and improve processes. We also offer a value add service where our coating is added to existing materials in order to create a premium product.


We work with customers to help engineer solutions. Our quality assurance staff can provide precise measurements of deposit thickness by using the latest advances in fluorescent x-ray technology, laser micrometers, and many other state of the art instruments.

Our innovation center in Dekalb, IL has a staff metallurgist on site and provides metallurgical science services including:

  • abrasion testing
  • hardness testing
  • porosity testing
  • friction testing
  • mini plating cell setup

We also have an Electrolizing® fulfillment center in South Carolina.


At Armoloy of Rhode Island we serve a global market and are capable of handling parts up to 8 ft long and 2 tons in weight. Some customers use our services for over 1 million parts per year and others for 1 part per year.

If you would like more information or have questions on our chromium coatings, please click here to contact us.


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